Thursday, July 15, 2010

To-day thinking of a fulcrum, it will hold up the entire dagali

The great Archimedes said: "Give me a fulcrum and I will move the entire planet." Archimedes's ambition to encourage us, his theory has taught us, his knowledge and enlighten us. Use his leverage, we can easily re a lot of things than we are to move up; use of his doctrine, we understand that brute force alone can not solve all the things we have to learn to use all the tools, to find a so We save the fulcrum and lever effort. Dagali Electric Co., Ltd. has been looking for the fulcrum and lever, it recently found a day of thinking, to the days of thinking provides a fulcrum.

Dagali Electric (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is a foreign-invested enterprises, foreign investment side to the nation. Jing-dong is located in Songjiang District, Shanghai Industrial Zone 2 areas dagali owned land use right of 10,000 square meters, has a self-built factory building 930 square meters and has modern production equipment and complete quality management system, mainly produces all kinds of lamps, light bulbs , inductive and electronic ballasts, lighting electronics and packaging. Dagali production for fluorescent lamps with rapid mounting bracket also obtained national patent, this new frame structure is simple and practical to install, easy to use, quick to complete installation of fluorescent fixtures. The higher is the so-called enterprise will be more difficult to walk away, with the gradual growth of dagali, management gradually increased the difficulty, dagali need to overcome these difficulties, we need to find a fulcrum and lever strong enough to help it.

Fulcrum was dagali soon discovered that the trend of business management information to enable enterprises to enter the automation of management, not only all management problems are resolved, you can also improve enterprise management, improve production efficiency. At this point dagali only one step away from success, and as long as the lever to find a suitable, we can immediately solve the problem. However, the fulcrum is easy to find, hard to find leverage. Faced with an array of management software market, dagali need to find a strong, useful software, which increased for the selection of a lot more difficult. Selection in the long road, dagali partners in the days of thinking are presented in detail below, on the day thinking managers ERP study carried out for some time, day thinking partners to try to show the days of thinking in business management ERP The features and advantages, so dagali clearly see the many days of thinking ERP success stories, and software flexibility and practicality, it fits dagali power of "leverage" requirements. So dagali chosen day thinking, decided to provide a fulcrum to-day thinking, thinking that the root leverage the use of space to the management of another realm.

Days of thinking was the fulcrum, it partners immediately entered the work state, all processes are intensive ongoing. Confirmation from the fulcrum to leverage the installation, consolidation, application and so run in an orderly manner. Dancing days thinking that as long as the root of leverage, dagali will be sprung into another management level.

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